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Welcome to Donor Match Me,

I have been in the field of helping make families for 15 years and have often been asked by patients to tell them the best bank to search. Well, the answer is “the one with the donor most like you.” There are many good banks. The science of donor egg and sperm use is well established, what needed improvement is matching donors to patients. I do not own a bank, and it was in the midst of a particularly frustrating search that the inspiration for Donor Match Me came about. The technology of facial recognition has improved drastically, and we sought out the best available version to use. I am proud to say that there is no better search engine for facial recognition anywhere.

You want a child, and if that child can resemble you or your spouse more closely, even better. People like you, who will nurture and appreciate the child, will be great parents and deserve the best that we as Reproductive Professionals can give.

Advanced technologies, including cutting-edge 3-D facial recognition, complex donor-bank search algorithms and internet security, serve as our frame, but the families we help to bring a child into this world are at the heart of everything we do.


Margaret Vereb, MD
Medical Director